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Cultural Notes – Bulbs

PLANTING: Bulbs are really simple to grow, great reward for little effort. For best results plant spring bulbs from late March to May. Full sun – part shade is tolerated, the warmer the climate the more shade they can be planted in. Frost hardy. In areas with warm winters, Tulips and Hyacinths will need to be refridgerated to ensure strong, healthy flower stems. Place unsealed into crisper area of fridge for approx. 6 weeks (No longer) before planting in May. Do not place near ripening fruit/vegies during the refridgeration.

DEPTH AND SPACING: A general rule of thumb is to plant them into holes 2 – 3 times as the bulb is high and the same distance apart. Always ensure the pointy end of the bulb is upward (Exceptions anemone and ranunculus).

SOIL: Suitable for all soils, particularly suited to well draining and humus/compost rich soil and premium potting mixes for pots.
WATERING: Moist soil is recommended during Winter and Spring growth, soil can be left dry during dormant months.
FERTILISING: For best results earlier preparation of the planting soil is beneficial, loosen up the soil whilst adding blood and bone, dynamic lifter, composts etc. Once planted bulbs can benefit from a liquid feed with a well balanced fertilizer during growth and flowering but not essential to their performance.
AFTER FLOWER CARE:  Important to keep soil moist as they ‘die down’ as the nutrients are moving from the leaves back to the bulb. Do not remove old leaves until they have yellowed & dried out. The bulbs arestoring their energy and forming flowers for next season. Spent flowers can be removed to encourage new ones.

NATURALISING: Bulbs can be left without digging up, although if you dig up each year you gain the benefit of being able to divide up new bulblets and spread further. Ensure soil is well drained and not boggy if naturalising

STORING:If digging up and storing your bulbs for the Summer, allow the foliage to first die down, gently fork them up, Allow the bulbs to dry, cool and place out of the sun/wind. Once dry remove excess soil and remaining foliage. Store them in a dry and airy position 14-24 degress in a paper bag or perhaps an old stocking etc until planting again in Autumn. Do not store in a sealed container.

PESTS/DISEASES:  Generally pest free but keep protected from snails and slugs.Rust: A yellow/orange rust type fungus causes purple-red blotches on upper leaf surfaces. Prompt removal of the first-affected leaves may solve the problem. If spraying is necessary use Zineb/mancozeb according to the directions.Ensure good airflow around your plants.

For specific information or advice please contact us at Brenlissa Nursery for expert help.WE WISH YOU MANY YEARS OF ENJOYMENT FROM YOUR NEW BULBS!

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