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Grevillea olivacea ‘Apricot Glow’.

Grevillea olivacea ‘Apricot Glow’.


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Grevillea ‘Apricot Glow’

Grevillea olivacea

Grevillea Apricot Glow

H: 1-2m W: 1-2m

Description: A fast growing evergreen shrub with dense, deep green foliage. A profusion of spider apricot flowers are produced in winter & spring.

Position: Grows well in a sunny or well drained soil. Tolerates periods of dryness once established, but will benefit from deep watering occasionally in dry weather. Tolerates coastal exposure and light frost. Also tolerates alkaline soils.

Maintenance: Prune regularly to keep habit dense and growth. Feed in early spring or late summer with low phosphorus controlled release fertiliser. Mulch well to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.
Planting: cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into the hole so that soil level is the same as the surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly and water in even if the soil is moist.

Uses: Hedging and screening in native cottage gardens. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds.

Supplied: as 50mm x 75mm established tubestock, fully established In pot and ready to plant out. Prices include secure mail-order packaging, parcel tracking and GST.

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