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Beaucarnea recurvata – Pony tail plant or Elephant's Foot Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata – Pony tail plant or Elephant's Foot Palm


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Beaucarnea recurvata – Pony tail plant also known as Nolina recurvata and N. tuberculata and Elephant’s Foot Palm.

Makes a surprisingly interesting desktop/indoor
plant or outdoor tub specimen, considering that in nature, it’s a full-size tree that can tower
over homes. These novel little palms are often grown in shallow
pots, with a tuft of strappy green leaves emerging from a bulbous stem
that seems to erupt from the soil. Given time and the right conditions,
however, these plants will grow into respectable specimen plants, up to 6
feet in height or more. They are native to arid regions in Mexico, and
are among the easiest palms to grow indoors.

Growing Conditions:

Light: Bright light. Ponytail palms can be acclimated to full sun.
During the growing season, water every 7 to 14 days. The bulbous stems
store water, so be careful not to overwater. During the winter season,
cut back water to monthly.
Temperature: They prefer warm, arid
temperatures, However, they will survive in cold climates,
providing they are given shelter like a west or north facing patio

Soil: Rich, organic, fast-draining potting soil.
Feed weekly with liquid fertilizer during the growing season, or use a
slow-release pellet fertilizer in the spring. Reduce feeding during the

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